SFMT Cancels 61st Season of Free Political Musical Theatre in the Parks – Plans Podcasts Instead

Due to COVID 19, the political musical theatre troupe will be replacing live performances with “Tales of the Resistance” — a new 9-part series of radio play podcasts.

SFMT free political musical theatre
SFMT continues its political musical theatre, online and on the radio!

The Venerable San Francisco Mime Troupe (SFMT), longtime producers of great political musical theatre, thought that the presidential election would be the main event of 2020, but COVID-19 became an unprecedented global pandemic that change the entire world forever. For the health and safety of both their audiences and SFMT members, a decision was made to cancel their traditional Summer musical tour in the parks.

However, rather than going silent, the SFMT is enthused to share their unique style of theatrical performance in a different way, producing their first ever serialized radio play, Tales of the Resistance.

As SFMT says, “We remind you to stay safe, keep your mind and body active, and we look forward to being in the parks again soon!”

Mime on Radio???

The new 9-part series of radio play podcasts (“MimeCasts,” as they like to call them) will offer four different genres: Noir, Sci Fi, Horror and Adventure.

The podcasts will run Sat. July 4 through Oct. 24, 2020 (released bi-weekly).

Chronological listing (all shows on Sat.):

July 4Jade, for Hire! – “The Mystery of the Missing Worker” (available now)
July 18Novice Nurse: Susie Terse – “The Price of Infection”
Aug. 1Fear of the Dark – “The Good Cop”
Aug. 15Dimension 2020! – “It Came… From R&D!”
(The rest of the shows, through Oct. 24 are to be announced.)

Can the revolution be social distanced? Find out this Summer!

Each series will have 2 episodes, which cycle through the Summer 2020, culminating in a finale where all 4 story lines converge.

In the spirit of its six-decade tradition, the SF Mime Troupe will be passing the virtual hat for these free radio play performances. Audience members may listen to Tales of the Resistance free of charge or make a donation online to help cover the productions costs.

All shows are free to listen to with donations to SFMT gratefully accepted. (Donations accepted here.)

Episode Descriptions (so far):

Sat. July 4, 2020 will kick off with the Noir Detective series:

Jade, for Hire! Looking for work in a nation in the midst of a race and class war with itself can’t be easy in the episode “The Mystery of the Missing Worker.”

Novice Nurse: Susie Terse, “The Price of Infection.” In Episode 1 can Nurse Susie find a way to deliver vital antiviral medicine while navigating a fending off the of Corporate America?

Fear of the Dark is the horror series, and will start with “The Good Cop,” in which MAGA hat wearing, right-wing immigrant Primo is tormented by his racist fears, and how – blinded by tear gas in a protest – he is haunted by his hate.

Dimension 2020! The last in the series is all Science Fiction with the first episode “It Came…From R&D!” Greg seemed to everyone like a mild-mannered software developer. No one could predict that his invention could either save democracy, or lock the country into an endless cycle of tyranny and oppression.

Each podcast episode runs approximately 25 min and can be heard at https://www.sfmt.org/talesoftheresistance.