New Novel Follows Man Looking for Love with Comic Help from Lucifer

“The Devil Loves Disco” by Kevin Collins portrays a man unlucky in love who accepts help from the Devil himself to find Ms. Right

“The Devil Loves Disco” (ISBN 1456355139) by Kevin Collins is a comedic love story about Parker Cole, a man looking for love without realizing that it threatens his very soul. When Cole comes across the Devil, a comic character still stuck in the era of bell-bottom jeans and disco balls, he is offered “soul-free” help in finding love. Or so he thinks.

"The Devil Loves Disco" by Kevin Collins

As Cole plunges deeper into the world of romance presented to him by Satan himself, he comes to realize his prospect isn’t as genuine as she seems and that the Devil may have been spinning a sinister trap all along. Desperate to pursue the woman he truly wants, Cole is sued by the Devil in a court of the damned with a rigged jury and his soul on the line. Now he must defend himself against impossible odds to win the heart of the woman he wooed all by himself.

“My writing has been described as comedy with a heart,” says Collins. “Bear in mind, I was rejected by one literary agent because he said my book was too funny. I really don’t see how that could be a problem, but that’s what he said.”

Set in a modern day New York City, the novel chronicles Cole’s romantic escapades from a high-profile relationship with a serial widow to a courtroom complete with a rigged jury and a demonic plaintiff. As he struggles with his faith, Cole realizes it’s the only thing that might be able to save his soul. After trial, the story continues as Cole’s life is transformed forever.

“The Devil Loves Disco” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Kevin Collins is a writer and computer programmer. A graduate of Texas Tech University, Collins now works for a large music, book and video wholesaler. In addition to writing, he enjoys cycling and disco music. He resides in Texas with his wife, Kris and their daughters, Alex and Sierra.