Wait A Minute! These Are The Guys Who Are Going To Be Leading America?

Let me see if I got this straight:

We have a national election going on.

Only two guys are really running in it.

Both are spending obscene amounts of money to campaign for it.

Mostly other people’s money.

Both are putting the other one down. Constantly.

Both are making promises they can’t keep.

Both have to kowtow to what the public wants.

Both have to go along with what their party wants.

Both have to devote the majority of their daily time to publicizing themselves for this election.

Both have to have lived lives virtually entirely bereft of scandal to have a chance at winning.

Both refuse to acknowledge the other’s good points.

Both have their hands tied by special interests, powerful bankers and capitalists, and pressure from the military.

These are the people who are going to decrease the budget spending, end the recession and set an example for America?

Let’s just elect Jon Stewart and let him take care of everything. Then when he would screw up we’d at least be entertained.

Roger Freed