Where Are All the Obama Signs?

Several Florida residents are scratching their heads and wondering why there is a dearth of Obama signs in the Orlando area.

obama signs
One Florida woman’s retirement fund.

Janie Collins, a 27-year old volunteer with the Obama campaign says she has gotten the same question from several of her supporter friends.

“At first we were like ‘man we are screwed’ when we couldn’t find any signs in anyone’s yards to indicate support for the President. But then I finally figured it out,” said Collins.

“They aren’t being stolen by Romney supporters like everyone believes. Those Obama signs are collector’s items,” she said. “They are worth something.”

Asked about the Romney signs, Collins responded “Yeah, not so much.”

“We’ve seen thousands of Romney signs all over the city, but only a handful of Obama signs,” said Ginny Schott who admitted she was getting ready to go out just after dark and snatch a few more Obama signs for her collection.

Schott said she read on the internet that after the election, regardless of the outcome, anything with Obama’s name on it is going to be worth a small fortune.

“The way things are going,” said Schott, as she walked us out to her garage and showed us her stash of Obama memorabilia, which included about a hundred yard signs, “I may just be able to retire early on what I have out here.”

She added, “Thank God for Obama and thank God for eBay.”

P. Beckert