Humor Times 22nd Anniversary Subscription Sale!

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The Humor Times is celebrating its 22nd Anniversary by making it easy to spread the laughter! Our Anniversary Subscription Sale has been extended through the end of May!

Humor Times anniversary issue subscription special
Humor Times 22nd Anniversary Issue cover.

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The Humor Times began in April 1991 as the Comic Press News. Since then, we have published 256 issues, once a month, that skewer politicians of all stripes with glee, because, hey, it’s funny, and besides, they deserve it.

Each issue contains the very best of the latest national editorial cartoons, arranged by subject matter and strung together with funny quips that help narrate a particular news story. It’s kind of like a current events Mad Magazine.

Then, we sprinkle in some great political humor columns by Will Durst, Jim Hightower, Argus Hamilton and more, and add a section of our original “fake news” pieces, Onion style.

There are also some funny non-political cartoons to lighten things up, and much more. If you enjoy political humor, you should be subscribing to the Humor Times!