Republicans Smoking Too Much Weed Again

Once again Republicans have been having drug deliriums from smoking too much weed. With regards to the stalemate on the shutting down the government (by the way, the WRONG parts of the government have gotten shut down — why are these guys still in the Congressional Hall arguing and not out filing for unemployment?) they have been claiming that the Obama administration has been refusing to negotiate and unwilling to extend a hand across the aisle.

Say what?

Hasn’t ‘unwilling to negotiate’ been the main Republican strategy for the last 6 years? Say for the entire time Obama has been in office? Hasn’t Obama continually in that period of time extended his hand in trying to make a partnership in running the government together only to have it bitten off and handed back to him? Hasn’t he been considered weak for doing this? Now when he is standing firm, the Republicans idea of being strong, he is called uncooperative?

Just how much of that Capital Hill Cannabis have these guys been puffing on?

Or is it a bad batch of Washington Wacky that someone with a Russian accent sold them in a dark alley? Guys, never send an intern out to get that stuff for you. They aren’t that street smart.

They say what goes around, comes around. Normally karma like this takes several lifetimes to come back and whack you. In this case it looks like it only took six years.

It would be amazing if the rest of the negativity they spewed out against the first black President were to come back in the next two.

Roger Freed