[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Millions of Americans Become ‘Nader-Haters’ Because it’s Fun to Say

‘Nader-Haters’ trend going viral with bored surfers

Millions of Americans across the contiguous United States have recently jumped on the latest virtual bandwagon — hating presidential candidate Ralph Nader, simply because “hater” rhymes with “Nader.”

ralph nader, Nader HatersOur news correspondent talked with random people from different states and we were amazed at some of the responses.

Bonnie-Luke from Washington said that she had never even heard of Ralph Nader and, beyond that, never dreamed of calling herself a political person, but when she came across the phrase “Nader-Hater” on the world wide interwebs, she knew she had to align herself with that.

Terry from California said she was ALOL (almost laughing out loud) when she saw the phrase, and since she hated all politicians anyway, she said it just felt right to hate Nader too.

Paul from North Carolina said that he and all his friends made a pact to become more active in the upcoming elections, so they made “Nader-Hater” t-shirts for their entire community.  He was shocked at how quickly they caught on and is now very proud to be a part of something he’s heard referred to as “grassroots.”

It seems that this latest political craze has had the two-fold effect of helping dispel the idea that most Americans today are politically ambivalent, and more importantly, given them something else to do online.

Jeff Boldt