The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same: 23rd Anniversary Issue

The more things change: The Humor Times 23rd Anniversary Issue is out now!

Here we are, another year older, and hopefully a tiny bit wiser. We’ve just published the 23rd Anniversary Issue of the Humor Times, and we’re ready to celebrate!

The More Things Change: Humor Times 23rd Anniversary Issue
23rd Anniversary Issue. Click to see a large version of the cover.

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As the old saying goes, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Looking through the back issues of the Humor Times (formerly the Comic Press News), you can really see that illustrated (and I do mean “illustrated!”).

Our very first issue featured a four-page cartoon summary of the Gulf War, which George Bush the first was just winding down. Now here we are 23 years later, and we’re still trying to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. What have we accomplished in three wars in two countries through two plus decades? What has all that money in our “defense” (read: “offense”) budget bought us? What have all those sacrificed lives and limbs accomplished? I’ll let you answer that, although I’m sure anyone’s list will be rather brief and bitter.

The corporate media cheered on all of the above military folly, and today they seem to be cheering on a confrontation with Russia over Crimea. The same talking heads that were so very wrong in the past are still on the tube, telling us we’re chickens if we don’t attack. Of course, every one of them, like former V.P. Dick Cheney and professional incompetents David Brooks, Bill O’Reilly, and Bill Kristol are chiding President Obama right now over his patient strategy to deal with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, whom they seem to adore for his “leadership.”

Imagine if liberals had started expressing their admiration for a Russian president! Cries of “commie!” “pinko!” and “why don’t you move to Russia” would be raining down on them, from the very same people.

Of course, other issues that remain the same, and are getting worse, include global warming. Scientists were warning us about climate change since well before our first issue. Of course, only about 95% were certain of it then, as opposed to 98% now. The other 2% remain gainfully employed by the fossil fuel industry, thank you very much. And still, with extreme climate events, drought and floods, warming oceans, melting glaciers and rising temperatures all over the globe, so-called “leaders” have done very little to change our dangerous course.

Sigh. Well, enough fond reminiscing! We’re here to lighten the load, not add to it! Our mission has always been to give you a little respite from the troubles of the world and the insane antics of those shaping our world. Our motto is, “Don’t cry about the news, laugh about it, with the Humor Times!” We continue with that mission in the new issue. Please help us by sharing with friends. Enjoy!

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