Memoir Mania

An ode to the audacity of dough in recent political memoirs

Memoir Mania

The talk shows all trumpet a shocking vendetta
revealed in the memoir by Leon Panetta
the truth is less venal, you really should know
he took up the pen just to make heaps of dough

This trail of betrayal goes back to Bob Gates
who once helped the prez sail through al Qaeda straits
but then thought it ducky on quitting his post
to swear Barak’s strategy was from the start toast

It’s become quite a sport, this Obama we’ll pillory
it even includes his former pal Hillary
who made some hard choices with nary a fuss
then wrote a tome tossing O’ under the bus

When will this trend of backstabbing end
I hope it is soon, heaven forfend
cause rumors all say the next print bombshell
will be by an insider code named Michelle

Rick Blum