iCame, iSaw, iConquered: Apple’s ‘Rotten Core’

Documentary maker Alex Gibney takes on a powerful cult: Apple.

On the back of ridiculing  L. Ron Hubbard and his followers in his most recent film Scientology The Dr. Who of Religion, documentary maker Alex Gibney takes on a far more prevalent, far more powerful cult — Apple.

AppleUsing a provocative tagline to advertise his film (“Rotten to the core”), Gibney’s film  zeros in on the aspects of Jobs’s life that made him so many enemies. A die-hard NSYNC fan,  the technological tycoon supposedly banned the words Blackberry and Samsung in the workplace, consulted Wesley Snipes on the best methods of tax evasion, and paid Chinese workers in Japanese Yen.

The film’s most compelling moment involves an incident from 2010. After a few too many alcoholic beverages, much to the dismay of Jobs, Tim Cook actually lost a next-generation iPhone 4 prototype in a San Francisco gay bar. The man who found it,  Ryan Seacrest, sold it to Gizmodo, who then revealed the prototype to the world.

Jobs, a firm believer in Zen Buddhism, seemed to ignore its foundational philosophies of meditation and calm.  At the age of 18, dressed head to toe in bohemian type attire, Jobs knocked on the door of Kobun Chino Otogawa, a Buddhist monk living in California. Shortly after conveying his enlightened ideas to the Japanese native, the monk, who once competed on Hell’s Kitchen, fetched his shotgun and told ‘the hippie lover’ to get off his property.

Highly agitated, Jobs returned later that night and shoved a bag of human excrement through his letterbox.

According to Gibney, this impulse to defecate on others, quite literally, came from a place ,even darker’ than Bill Cosby’s conscience. When asked to describe the entrepreneur, marketer, inventor, and CEO of Apple, Gibney’s said, “Jobs may have possessed the monomaniacal assurance of a monk but he sure as hell lacked the compassion of one.”

A film that is sure to anger many devotees of the American multinational corporation, iCame, iSaw, iConquered is scheduled to hit theaters in April.

John Glynn