Donate Two Dollars of Material and a Racist Can Be Born

Clinging to one of the confederate battle flags, racists across the country are angry.

The recent events in Charleston, S.C., have been pushed beyond discussion of the tragic and unnecessary loss of life caused by racist beliefs into something that might finally bring the symbols of racism to the surface.

Depending on the course that this conversation takes, the exposure of the true meaning of racist symbols might become a thing that is frowned upon by our supposedly civilized society, or it could continue to be a rallying point for drunken teenagers, and those of the equivalent mental capacity, to assign their failures in life onto a class of citizens that they deeply despise.

Nobody is ever able to clearly determine what direction that this type of discussion will take. At this moment in time it appears that there are people who are applying sensibility to the discussion, but there are always those who will burp up their protest after downing a few of the 24 ounce specials from the Piggly Wiggly. The question we should be asking ourselves is why do we even need to have this discussion. Is there something buried in the past that those who look at the facts are unable to understand? Is there something about the supporters of these symbols that would embarrass them in front of those who have managed to graduate from high school?

Looking at the basics of the argument, slackers in the south believe that this flag represents their heritage and the sacrifice that was made for them by their ancestors. The flag is displayed proudly in every aspect of their lives, paintings on the wall, key chains, bumper stickers, bed spreads, condoms for the less endowed, and flags that sit upon towering poles in their front lawns that cannot be touched by man or the deity that they currently pray to.

I realize that what they have been taught, or learned as they say, throughout their lives is history that reenforces these beliefs, but at some point you would expect reality to raise it’s ugly head and lead them back to a true understanding of what lies behind their devotion. Maybe they are unable to accept what is obvious to others, maybe their support groups don’t want to change things, maybe the drug problem in the south is worse than anyone understands, whatever the cause, a facts are not allowed sign should be placed at the Mason-Dixon line.

Watching those who have staked their claim to the right of an individual state to continue to pursue racist ideals also does not point to a future of hope. Yes “pursue” is the correct word for this. When you stand back and watch one of the states that make up our great country show outright disregard for the lives and futures of their citizens, regardless of who they are, and fully know that they are using words and policies that are truly bigoted, while you attribute it to “states rights” and don’t oppose it, you do not offer much. A two for one sale at the local mini-mart would be more beneficial to the country than these folks being in power.

When people are ready to accept that the conversation has already been had, that change is what is needed from this point, then movement that is in a forward direction can begin. If you want to sit back and watch the latest news slant from your favorite viewing channel you aren’t ready. We will miss you, but waiting has costs that we aren’t willing to keep paying.

Mike Kelly