This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Trumputin’s $yrian Conspiracy

This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Trumputin’s $yrian Conspiracy
I was born a young baby. Then I grew up. Then I grew confused. Then I grew tired. I'm a 20th century man who's somehow been transported to the 21st century, with one foot in the gone past and the other in the here now. I started my blog mymanymoodsofme toward the end of 2012. There I write humorous essays, stories and poems (lyrics from my songs), in addition to my aphorisms. It's good work... if you get it. In my spare time I play chess, write songs, and reflect upon what I see. I'm very happy to be colluding with Humor Times, and hope you enjoy the result. Cheers!

Trumputin’s scheme: concur and divide? For whaT REASON was Trump Putin office? Fools Russian where patriots fear to tread. Vladimerely wants to destroy our democracy. The US withdrawal from … Read more

Donate Two Dollars of Material and a Racist Can Be Born

A writer, hack if you wish to have the true definition, who enjoys putting the weird thoughts that run through my mind to words. I mostly enjoy writing about things political, but for variety will occasionally post something else.

Clinging to one of the confederate battle flags, racists across the country are angry. The recent events in Charleston, S.C., have been pushed beyond discussion of the tragic … Read more

Lazy Stupid Ham Butts

The New York Times says Emmy-nominated comedian and writer Will Durst “is quite possibly the best political satirist working in the country today.” The Humor Times says "Durst is the Sage of Satire, the Learned Lampooner, the King of Political Satire!" Check his website for upcoming stand-up performance dates. Will's books, including Elect to Laugh! A Hilarious, Common Sense Guide to American Politics are available at Amazon and better bookstores all over this great land of ours. From Ulysses Press.
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Bad week for old white racist men It wasn’t what you would call the most favorable week for old white racist men. Then again, these weeks, not many … Read more

Obama Volunteer Thanks God for Strong Third Debate Performance

Obama Volunteer Thanks God for Strong Third Debate Performance
P. Beckert's is one voice vying for frequency room at the top of the opinion dial.Angered and bewildered by many of today’s events, P. Beckert uses humor as a tool to fightan onslaught of stupidity and ignorance that seems to permeate the airwaves and pollute the sensitivities of a once-brilliant nation. If you like her posts, become a follower and leave a comment. And don't forget to share on Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts! Syndicated from her I Said Laugh, Dammit blog.

The presidential race is now down to the last two weeks and, as a volunteer working for the Obama camp, let me just say one thing “Hallelujah for … Read more