This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Trumputin’s $yrian Conspiracy

Trumputin’s scheme: concur and divide?

For whaT REASON was Trump Putin office?

TrumputinFools Russian where patriots fear to tread.

Vladimerely wants to destroy our democracy.

The US withdrawal from Syria was announced October 7th, Putin’s birthday! Happy b-day, Vlad, from Red Don, your quid pro ho.

Trump’s foreign policy: Scratch my back and I’ll stab yours.

Madness O’Kurd as Trump massacred.

Not surprisingly, Trump loves grabbing US by the cuntry. And you know what comes next.

Debates? Vote forum.

Unfortunately, we can’t go Barrack to the future.

Progressive change is clearly Warrented.

“It’s the big run! I’m coming to join you, Elizabeth!”

Big business: I don’t trust your Inc. stinks.

LeBron aGREED to disagree.

Look where there’s no justice incite.

A police statemeant: “No civil liberties.”

In our sister and brother hood, Black Lives Matter.

Practice civil disobedience: Affix a “Question Authority” bumper sticker to your local police car.

Race awareness we’re all one family.

You have the right to remain VOCAL!

Ralph Lombard