Latest Reality Show: So-Called Debates

We shouldn’t be surprised the reality show host is ‘winning’ the Republican ‘debates.’

Once again, the country is gearing up early – very early – for a presidential election, American style.

However, rather than being the serious undertaking it should be, and a source of national pride for citizens, it’s just an other corporate-sponsored spectacle.

“Debates” are presented in a circus-like atmosphere, designed to sell as many commercials as possible, as part of this latest reality show series that will last through November 2016.

Contestants are hand-picked by multi-billionaires and their vested interests, all vetted to insure either their willingness to toe the corporate-approved line once they get elected (should they be “serious” contenders), or for their entertainment value (should they just be one of the supporting cast).

Each episode – euphemistically called a “debate” – is carefully presented and choreographed. As little as possible is left to chance, as the actors are all expected to stick to the script, with some ad-libbing allowed, to give the appearance of genuineness.

As the months pass, contestants are “voted off” the show one by one (i.e. their billionaire funding dries up), and eventually we get to the really big show – the corporate extravaganza known as the party convention. This is where the final contestants, handpicked ahead of time, are made official, and where the previous hard-line messaging to the party base cast aside. We’re all expected to now simply for get the insane pandering to the extremes that we’ve been subjected to, as the candidates’ messages get a bit more nuanced, and the finalists try to out-“American pie” each other.

Finally, you – the home audience – get to choose the grand prize winner! To vote in this public election, you will use electronic devices running proprietary soft ware, owned by private companies. No problem! The state election boards have no access to these machines, once approved, so there will be no meaningful recounts. But who cares? No one, they’d like you to believe.

Welcome to elections – American style! All hail the new, corporate-approved chief!

James Israel
Social media