Was It Brillig for You? It Was Brillig for Me!

Ever had a partner who said or did something odd as they climaxed?

After a friend confided that his girlfriend always starts reciting poetry when she climaxed (specifically, Lewis Carroll’s Jabbarwocky), I began to wonder just how unusual this kind of behavior is. So I asked my Facebook pals, “Have you ever had a partner who said or did something similarly odd or unexpected at that particular moment?”

Photo by Sarah Diniz Outeiro, on Unsplash.

Their responses?

I laugh when I come. But I would never recite poetry.

I once blurted out the name of baseball player Bob Aspromonte.

A frat brother of mine could easily be heard by everyone on the dorm floor yelling “United States Marine Corps!”

Sometimes I shout “Whoa Dogs!” I have no idea why.

I hooked up with a guy once who, when he climaxed, shouted, “THANK YOU EVERYBODY, DON’T FORGET TO TRY THE FOCACCIA BREAD!”

I once dated a dude who liked to call out the model and color of the cars he was planning on owning in the future

I’ve been known to start reciting Shakespeare. But only when I’m really drunk.

I swear when I come. Does that count?

I tend to go with the last few words of “Ulysses.”

My first college girlfriend always started hollering in Italian when she was in the throes. I thought it was sexy, even though I had no idea what she was saying.

About 3 years ago, my best friend hooked up with a guy who yelled, “ITS-A ME, MARIO!” when he finished.

Poetry? No way. Just heavy breathing, a long sigh, then snoring.

I once had a one night stand with a guy who yelled “OH GRANDMA” right before climaxing. (Which is one of the reasons it remained a one night stand.)

I usually say “I love you.” How unoriginal is that? (But my wife doesn’t seem to mind.)

Do you emit a simple “I love you?” Or do you start proclaiming the Gettysburg address? Please tell us all about it in the Comments section.

(Roz Warren is the author of Our Bodies, Our Shelves: Library Humor and Just Another Day At Your Local Public Library, both of which makes great gifts for librarians and other book lovers.)

Roz Warren