Glenn Beck Comes to the Aid of Rush Limbaugh

You Can’t Spew Hatred Without
Awesome Props!

Former Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck knows what it is to fall like a boulder from grace for simply uttering his personal opinions about someone. Getting canned from a gravy job with Fox News Channel was just the beginning of a decline in popularity that Beck couldn’t have imagined happening a year ago.

He went from top earner at Fox to having to start his own broadcasting company in order to continue to spew his hated across the nation and still hasn’t fully recovered from the fallout. Fortunately, he learned a thing or two along the way, and he is willing to share his experience with Rush Limbaugh in his time of need.

While the two haven’t always seen eye to eye and have, in fact, been rivals in the harshest sense, Limbaugh is said to be willing to humble himself in order to keep the money flowing to his bank account.

“I never in a million years thought I’d be accepting help from that has been Glenn Beck, but under the circumstances, if I want to keep my mansion in West Palm Beach, I’m gonna have to make a few concessions,” said Limbaugh, “none of which is to admit I did anything wrong, I might add,” he added.

Beck’s experience as a pseudo rodeo clown is going to come in handy as Beck has offered to take Limbaugh’s place for a few weeks until this latest controversy blows over.

“Glad to do it,” said Beck, who said he was ready today to fill the dead airspace left by a broken Rush Limbaugh. “Just let me get my lederhosen on and we’ll be good to go.”

Reminded that Limbaugh is a radio host, not a television personality, and therefore it didn’t much matter what Beck wore, Beck didn’t miss a beat.

“That’s ok,” he said. “I wear my lederhosen everywhere.”

P. Beckert