Nixon’s Waterloo… My American Scandal

My Nixon story – how I handled our American scandal while in London in 1974.

American scandal

In London – don’t order the Spotted Dick… my almost International Incident!

Enticed by a Prompt on an online Writing Site: “When did you feel you were an American?” I answered…

On August 9, 1974, I walked out of the American Embassy in London and was bombarded by a camera & microphone in my face held by TV Reporters. 

When one Reporter asked what I thought about ‘Nixon’ – for good or bad that is when I felt ‘American’.

Living 3 years on a Military Base as civilians in Stuttgart W. Germany; this London visit was for my husband’s business & my pleasure.

When the microphone was shoved in my face – I was struck speechless; as I not only wasn’t following politics but was a private person (at the time) & my husband was in a sensitive line of work.

All I can remember is afterwards I picked up every newspaper on the stands to somehow catch up & assuage my guilt.

But, I still can’t figure out why ‘The Plumbers’ were paid $4o,000 & forgot the chalking & how Nixon’s Personal Secretary accidentally erased ‘The Watergate Tapes’ – give me a break!  

American scandal

Okay, I bought it!

‘The Break-In 5’, ‘The Watergate 7’, ‘The Smoking Gun’… who wants to catch-up when the Tower of Pisa awaits one more ‘Ugly American’ to take a ridiculous picture!

American scandal

‘The Cover-up’ & all the names – John Mitchell, John Dean, McCord, Hunt, Liddy, Magruder, Halderman, Erlichman, Colson & ‘Deep Throat’…& all along I thought it was Olga in Apt. 3B!

And, to this day, I’m not sure if Dustin Hoffman & Robert Redford shared a Cell or not! 

But was glad to hear the Law Firm of Woodward, Bernstein, Schwartz & Schwartz were on the case!

Do you blame me for putting ‘Politics’ in a box & saving it for later?  How lucky some Americans must be if they also did a ‘Van Winkle’ & slept thru the Trump Era!

Today, I think it’s wrong to compare ‘Watergate’ to ‘The Russia Thing’ – one was Internal & the other International in scope & national security.  And, there was no sex in the 1st – that’s why Mrs. Nixon never finished her book!

Sure, I’m ashamed I didn’t follow it during those years – but now we have another American Scandal & you can bet I’ve opened every vein of his & mine – right here on Humor Times – satirically, that is!

That’s right – I hear he’s ‘a bleeder’ Melania should know!

Marilyn Sands