Getting My Just Desserts: Diet Myths Debunked

Okay, Trump made me fat!

Diet Myths Debunked

I didn’t tell anyone but last December 31st, I started my ‘Eat a Different Dessert Every Day for a Year’ project – just to see how much weight I’d gain! And, that year was just up!

Even when I didn’t want dessert – I made myself eat it!

What did you do – pop a couple of pills? I sacrificed. I was facing a 3 piece bikini dilemma come summer!

I’m not sayin’ it was due to this last year of Trump – and I do mean last!

Okay, all right – Trump made me fat!

But, I was a Happy Camper for a whole year – can you say that?

Diet Myths Debunked

No, I didn’t get bored. I never repeated a dessert! In the first week, I had Kristy Kreme, Cheesecake, Eclair, Rum Baba, Cannoli, Tiramisu, Strudel & Shoofly Pie!

That’s 8? You have your week – I have mine!

I take that back; by the 364th day – I had it! Just like ‘Honeymoon Sex’ you want a day off – but can’t figure out if it’s ‘Hump Day’!

I admit, the last week of December, I scraped the bottom of the barrel – you know, the dregs of Dessertdom – a Moon Pie, Snowball, Twinkie, Ding Dong & a Lady Finger…and she was not amused!

Look, it was a science experiment & what could I lose? And, I only went on a scale at the end. Okay, it was the Weigh Station on Route 66 – but hey!

Why didn’t I go to one closer? If you must know, I did – but they couldn’t get a good reading!

Sure, it was Doctor Approved. You just have to find the right doctor. And, he was out-of-town so I left a message that I’d be doing this. He never called back; so I count that as approved!

Okay, the real reason I went on this half-baked diet is because I’m sick of reading those ‘Diet Myths’. When a new one comes out – I feel like a Sheet-Cake’s pulled right from under me!

Yeah, like we all know Calories don’t kill people – Creme Brulee kills people! Who knew there’d be a 7 day waiting period for Creme Brulee!

You’ve seen those myths:


Thanks to that one – I now go to 16 Anonymous Meetings!


Define ‘Frequent’!


That doesn’t apply to me – my Bed is next to my Kitchen!


Well, that didn’t work – my Rib Eye touched my date’s Rib Eye!


Are you kidding – that’s like stopping at Foreplay!


Damn…all that for nothin’?

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