History’s Verdict: Unfit to Rule

World leaders have always wondered how history would judge them. Here is one possible legacy: Unfit to Rule.

Unfit to Rule, Millard Fillmore
Millard Fillmore.

World leaders have always wondered how history would judge them and their accomplishments. Would they be remembered as a great commander-in-chief, comparable to Winston Churchill, or as a failure like Neville Chamberlain? Or maybe worse, would history forget them altogether, as happened to Millard Fillmore?

Here is one possible legacy:

His initial steps were said to be charitable in spirit though political in nature. As leader, he aided those who lost property in fires and reduced the burdensome taxes that had been imposed on the masses. He also gave out awards and recognition to deserving citizens. And he deserved praise for embarking on a number of construction projects as well as for raising the pay of those in the military.

However, there were beastly traits that could not be overlooked. He was a sexual deviant. Dozens of reported acts of perversion were recorded that were SO profound and disgusting that decorum prohibits listing them here.

Even before he took power, it was well known that he was a narcissist who showed no empathy. But he knew how to work a crowd into a frenzy and loved to show off whenever possible.

After taking the reins of power, though, his behavior became more and more erratic, cruel and downright bizarre. The man seemed to derive pleasure from inflicting pain on others. He used every opportunity to humiliate his critics. People complained that he drastically increased the financial deficit, forced senators into political exile, launched illogical military operations to distract from domestic issues and killed based on impulse.

In the end, his reign was most noted for its madness and tyrannical rule along with many acts of extreme cruelty and perversion, thus placing him among the truly bad hombres in history.

Yes, there is no doubt that the Roman Emperor Caligula was unfit to rule. He was a bad, bad emperor.

Oh wait, whose legacy did you think this article was describing?

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