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Glenn Beck: Most Americans are in bed with absolute evil and worshiping Baal

“One of the problems we have even as Christians is I’ll guarantee you most Christians cannot tell you the two parables Jesus taught about capital gains tax, nor can the tell you the four verses in the Bible that condemn the estate tax, nor can they tell you what Jesus said in Matthew 20 about minimum wage.”

According to Florida news blog Sunshine Slate, in addition to his remarks on Tuesday accusing members of the House Democratic Caucus of being members of the Communist Party, the Freshmen Representative and tea party favorite Allen West has declared that the proposed 10 percent tax on tanning beds proposed in the Affordable Care Act is “racist.”

And finally:

These people make Uwe Boll look like Fellini.

They make Dan Quail look like a statesman.

They make Nixon look…good:

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