Now for a Sports Post: Jimmy G vs Patrick M

sports post: jimmy g vs patrick m

Okay, enough politics. Now for a sports post.

Being a SF 49er fan, I just had to harp in on this with an uncharacteristic (for me) sports post, after the Old Man beat the Young Phenom in Super Bowl 55.

So many people trashed 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s Super Bowl performance last year, and said that the team now needed to move past him, and get a QB more like Patrick Mahomes. He’d NEVER choke in a Super Bowl like Jimmy G, they said!

Welllll now, let’s compare:

Jimmy G’s SB stats: 20 of 31 for 64.5% completion percentage, 219 yards, one TD and 2 interceptions, for a 69.2 rating. Not great, to be sure.

Pat Mahomes in this year’s SB: 26 of 49 for 53%, 270 yards, 0 TDs and 2 interceptions, for a 52.3 rating. I think we can all agree that just plain sucks.

So, the conclusion MUST be, Mahomes isn’t good enough, and the Chiefs should look for a new QB, right? I mean, that’s simply using the same logic fans used to evaluate Garoppolo after his SB defeat.

Do I subscribe to that logic? Certainly NOT — for EITHER QB. Do I think JG is as good as PM? Heck no, but they both got their teams to the QB, both won many games by bringing their teams back during the year and overcoming deficits, both are very good at converting 3rd downs, etc, etc.

I am simply pointing out the faulty logic of the Jimmy G haters.

Now, back to politics!…

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