Last Night I Dreamt I Went Out Naked!

Went Out Naked

‘Dreams Anonymous’ has it all wrong – I am not a 34 Long!

I’m a 36 Long!  Geez!

Went Out Naked

Yes, in my dream I walked out of the house feeling the breeze between my knees & channeled ‘Eve’ as she did many moonings…mornings before!

Give me a break – my Spellcheck Gal just resigned!

I don’t know about you but I’m tired covering up!  I’m in a Dating Pool & worry the poor guy will never see what he’s getting!

I’ve already had too many ‘Birthday Suits’ & the last 40 don’t count – the wrinkles  need pressing!

breast implants

Been wanting to do this for ages & now I’m free at last!  Free of shame, guilt & okay, inadequacy!

That’s right – I’m tired of being bush-league & gravity-bound…I’m ready to pose for National Geographic!

I love being unencumbered & don’t care about having to wear a scarlet letter – probably an

letter Nfor Nekked!

Sure, I got Stinkeye, Curses & Middle Fingers as I walked my neighborhood – but held my head high through all the taunts: ‘Tramp’, ‘Ingrate’, ‘Idiot’!

And that’s just the delivery guys from FedEx, Amazon & Grubhub tripping over his Footlong!

Some of these I do just for me!  ha ha

**Oh – hope you folks didn’t get the wrong idea… it was frigin’ great tossing my Mask!

Marilyn Sands

Marilyn Sands