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[Disclaimer: This article is satire, or what we used to call "fake news" before actual fake news started poisoning the political discourse!]

U.S. Magazines Give Their Endorsements for President

Nov 052012
 By , November 5, 2012

Presidential endorsements from your favorite magazines

Rolling Stone endorsement – “Jerry Garcia Man! He’d make the bitchiness President ever! Wait, what do you mean he’s dead?”

Playboy – “Bill Clinton! We’d be able to make a lot of copy if he were back in the saddle!”

magazine endorsementCosmopolitan – “Our endorsement is for Sarah Palin! What a hot cover we’d have if she were elected! And the sexy articles we could write.”

Sports Illustrated – “Bring Teddy Roosevelt back from the dead. He’s the only real man in the President’s seat since Andrew Jackson!”

Consumer’s Reports – “We’ve said Ralph Nader the last two elections and we’ll say it again this one even though he isn’t running!”

The Conservative – “We still want Gingrich! We’re just stuck with the Mormon guy. Of course, he is better any day than the black guy.”

MAD Magazine – “We’re in for Romney. Obama is too difficult to make fun of. Romney is a walking target.”

Better Homes and Gardens – “Obama! Not that we want him, but his wife has just the touch that our readers like. No Negroes normally live in the neighborhoods we write about.”

TV Guide – “Definitely, unquestionably, firmly, our endorsement is for Romney. He’s owned by FOX News and they are our biggest advertiser.”

High Times – “What election?”

Field and Stream – “We sell hunting which means selling guns which means the NRA which means the Republicans which means Romney whether we like him or not.”

Philosophy Today – “In the ultimate realm of things and in the true height and breadth of the mammoth universe in which we live does it matter for whom we give an endorsement?”

Maxim – “Jessica Alba! Who cares if she knows nothing about politics? She’s hot!”

National Geographic – “Since the only ethnic about Romney is his Mormonism we feel obliged to back Obama. In our history if we had only ever done articles on boring Anglo-Saxon businessmen we would have gone out of print long ago.”

US Magazine – “We don’t care who wins. We’ll be able to come up with crap about either one of them.”

Esquire – “Oh, PLEASE!! Must you ask? We only write about cool people. Do you think Romney would fit that bill?”

Reader’s Digest – “Romney. It would be a lot less work condensing what he has to say.”

The New Yorker – “Only the urbane, the sophisticated and the intellectual for us. Obama is our man.”

Ebony – “Now just who do you think? Romney is so white bread and slick he would just slide right off the page if we wrote about him.”

Vogue – “Since our magazine is entirely based on looks it is a difficult decision. Both men arre good looking and good dressers. Obama would be favored on being a cooler dresser, but would lose points because his ears stick out.”

Humor Times – “Can we get George W. back? We always had an endless source of material with him around!”

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