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May 272014
 By , May 27, 2014

More importantly, can we save America? It might appear that the U-S-of-A has gone bonkers. So let me clear up any confusion that you might have: Yes, it has! Yet, it hasn’t. More on that in a moment. First, though — whether looking at the [more…]

Jun 132013
 By , June 13, 2013
Let Us Commence Toward the Common Good

Serving the Common Good was once a democratic ideal — let’s make it so again Ironically, June is both the month of the summer solstice and of America’s biggest annual blizzard. I don’t mean a weather event blowing in from the Arctic, but a merciless [more…]

May 022013
 By , May 2, 2013
Movie Review: "The United States of ALEC"

“The United States of ALEC” — a film review by Gary Chew The elephant is this room is not the Republican Party, although it is a reasonable facsimile. What it is, actually, is a quasi-non-profit, tax-exempt, longstanding, corporate lobby group that’s the subject of a [more…]

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