Ann Romney Miscarriage Details Disclosed, But Still No Tax Info

According to an in-depth profile of Ann Romney recently released by the AP, the Romneys suffered more heart-breaking news.

Ann Romney Miscarriage revealed, but nothing on taxesAccording to the report, not only does Ann Romney have multiple sclerosis, and is a breast cancer survivor, but she also had a miscarriage, according to a close family friend.

Supporters were shocked to learn the news just days before the Republican convention.

“What a brave woman,” said one undisclosed supporter. “She’s been through so much, and now this.”

When told that the miscarriage actually occurred sometime between 1978 and 1981, the woman was unfazed.

“Still, that is a heavy burden to bear. I’m so glad she shared this information with us.”

While one can never discount the heartache of miscarriage or the fact that the Romneys did not come forward with this information directly, some are wondering about the timing of this announcement just days before the GOP National Convention, one mired in controversy over women’s childbearing issues.

It was with that in mind that one lone reporter summoned the courage to ask Mrs. Romney once again to divulge the information everyone is eager to see.

“So, Mrs. Romney, Ann… since we know just about everything else about you and your husband now, do you suppose we could finally get a peek at some more of your tax records?” to which Romney answered, “not on your life.”

P. Beckert