The New Weathermen: A Poem

All hands on deck, three storms are abrewin’
Our ship of state is headin’ for ruin
the prez obamaGotta lighten the load to keep us all free
No time to party, toss over the tea

Out of the east looms a Benghazi twister
We’ve ne’er seen a dustup so visibly sinister
Someone’s hiding something, so everyone says
Who cares who did what, we finger the prez

Blowing up from the south, hurricane A.P. Mess
Justice has usurped freedoms of the press
Though we know the media is ex-streamly lame
At Obama’s feet we’ll still lay the blame

An IRS cloudburst spreads hate like a PRISM
Coating Patriot groups with vile socialism
Though out of yon Cincy the tempest it springs
We know it’s Barak, who’s pulling the strings

But alas and alack, foul weather’s not persisting
Benghazi’s a bust, it’s simply untwisting
The AP snooping was for safety so critical
And our “social” groups are all plainly political

It’s so disappointing, we’ll not get an erection
Those three monster storms just won’t reach perfection
Impeachment’s a dream, no proof we’ve amassed
Next time thunder rolls in, we’ll up the bombast

© Rick Blum 2013

Rick Blum