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Please check out our new online fundraiser to help keep the Humor Times print publication going!

We’ve been publishing the much-loved political humor magazine, the Humor Times, since 1991, without much of a budget to market it. To survive a rough stretch we are experiencing, we need to make the world more aware of the publication.

We can really use your support in our new online Patreon fundraiser! Please check it out, help if you can, and share it widely, via Facebook, Twitter, email, other social media, or even good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Online fundraiser, Humor Times
The current issue cover of the Humor Times. Click to enlarge.

The Humor Times began in April, 1991, as a way to help people laugh at the news, rather than cry about it. It was originally named the Comic Press News.

Politics can be depressing, especially when it seems our so-called “leaders” are completely out of touch with average people. We need to keep our spirits up, however, to fight the good fight, and that’s what the Humor Times is for!

We are offering various perks for different levels of support. At the lowest level, $5 per issue (once a month), you will be listed in a new “Sustaining Supporter” section on this website. Pledging $10.00 per issue will get you in a listing on the site as well as in the printed magazine. (Individuals as well as organizations can be listed.)

Perks for other levels include subscriptions, t-shirts, mugs, etc. Please consider pledging!

Our subscriber rolls (the publication is available in print and digital formats) continues to grow, albiet slowly, as people discover us. However, we need to do better to survive in this internet age. Please help this unique and important publication prosper! We can really use your support. Thank you!

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