Finally! A New Protest on Red Square … Sort of

Protests in Red Square? Not so fast.

The news came across the wires of a huge protest in Moscow, right on Red Square.


red squareAre the Russian masses finally rallying up against the ex-KGB man who has reinvented Czarism in a modern form?
Is the second great Russian revolution finally taking form?

No. False alarm. Go ahead and go back to whatever you were doing. Nothing to see here. No fire. No bodies to see. Just another Putin backed big show of force and false support for his international messing with every other country on earth.

The big ‘protest’ was just an enormous phony show involving thousands of extras to complain about the one year anniversary of Ukraine’s revolution from both its half-assed President and from secret Russian control. It was 12 months ago that Viktor Yanukovych was sent packing and ran for his life to the arms of his Soviet sponsors and Big Daddy Putin. 12 months in which the Ukraine transformed itself from being a mere satellite of the its former controller to being a truly independent land.

The protest was staged and those taking part were supposedly just so upset about the Ukrainians having the gall to throw off their own corrupt leadership which supposedly had nothing to do with the Russians, or at least that is how it seemed on the surface. ‘Anti-Maidan’, is what the protests against the original Kiev protests are called which is the name of the park they originally took place in. This atrocity somehow strangely rallied 30,000 Soviets out of their warm houses to gather in central Moscow in the middle of winter. Strange that so many would appear over something that happened a year ago hundreds of miles away from them.

Of course Russia didn’t like their former satellite rebelling. Or shall we say Putin and his cronies didn’t like it. They lost another of their favorite milk cows and one close to their borders at that. They saw them getting chummy with possible financial buddies in the West and with NATO. That spelled trouble. (In hindsight it would be fair to say that this whole war might have been avoided had Ukraine just been trading partners with both the East and the West, but both sides were adamant on being Ukraine’s only lover.)

So, to repeat what has been reported a million times over media outlets the world over, Russia swept crudely into Crimea using every dirty trick in the book, took it over, and now plays games to see how many more chunks of its former ally it can bite off while the West wrings its hands anxiously and says “What can we do??!!! What can we do??!!

What is exposed here is how hypocritical the Russians are. Their whole modern society is based upon the revolts and revolutions of 1917 that gave the Communists their first great prize in the winning of the hearts and minds of the world-wide proletariat. Supposedly they have shed those tattered clothes of false humility and are now hard core capitalists themselves, but at heart they are still the same original peasant revolters. But they don’t want their ex-comrades to be the same. The Ukrainians and the rest of their immediate neighbors are supposed to remain true to the hammer and sickle. Revolution is only reserved for the Russians. But even that will ultimately be controlled by Putin and his well placed manipulators of his own people who will tolerate no further dissent.

Roger Freed