(The) News (Really) Bytes – March

A bad news month

57 Republican Senators send a letter to the Iranian government stating that all of Obama’s efforts to create a truce between them and us is in vain because when they get back in power they will make them great, horrible enemies again so that their armaments keepers will still give them kickbacks. Way to go guys!

newsIt wasn’t bad enough that you made Obama look bad by inviting that Yahoo named Netanyahu over to blather on about how this whole deal will endanger his own country that doesn’t give a whit about what is good for the U.S. or the rest of the world, only his land matters.

Just remember, Senators, that it is guys like you that started this whole mess with Iran. Do you recall back when we supported the Shah who was a ruthless dictator who slaughtered and tortured his own people? You don’t? I didn’t think so. The Iranians certainly haven’t forgotten.

The Republican memory doesn’t seem to roam much beyond the latest artificial crisis that they have themselves invented. And why is newly elected Senator Tom Cotton raising all this fuss in the first place? Aren’t they supposed to know their place according to right wing tradition?

Hillary’s emails – Speaking of artificial crises. Hillary kept her emails secret? So what! What are we, the National Enquirer? Rupert Murdoch nosing his way into everyone’s telephone conversations? With the NSA peeking at everything we do outside bedroom trysts maybe that is not a bad idea. She even had her own server to help keep it private. Guess what? That makes her SMART! Isn’t that what you want in a Presidential candidate? Oh, I know — you Republican guys want another Bush. Forget I even mentioned it.

The Keystone Pipeline – It is the environmentalists against the right wing, or, another way of looking at it- the non-realistic idealists versus the ruthlessly greedy. Question- they have refineries up in Canada don’t they?. They aren’t really a third world country that can’t turn black icky stuff into stinky clear stuff that will power your mobile up to the 7-11 for a late night booze run. Why can’t they just make the stuff up there? Oh, I forgot, we have to control all the oil in the world. Sorry, I forgot. True, it will bring more employment. They already have so many people up there that it is throwing the original North Dakotans into turmoil. Plus there is all that work cleaning up the derailed crude oil trains. Also the streams they pollute.

Moscow finds ‘suspects’ in the killing of the dissident Boris Nemtsov — How convenient! The Moscow police find the ‘suspected’ killers of Boris Nemtsov, the opposition leader gunned down on his way home from a party. And they just happen to be Chechen! How is that for odd! The Chechens are only Putin’s biggest pain in the butt in Russia, being Muslim and uppity and all. Strange, though, that they would have a reason to shoot Boris Nemtsov. You would think that they would like anyone who rattles Putin’s cage. There is just no knowing on such things. Except the KGB who just might know that this is a great way to kill (or imprison) two birds with one stone — Putin gets rid of two pains in the butt at one time, one being Nemtsov and the other being a number of Chechens who are probably nothing but trouble to him anyway.

India removes documentary on gang raping of young student on bus – Yeah, just pretend like it never happened. Maybe Indian girls should start wearing veils over their faces like the Muslims do. Maybe the Indian government officials should too so that it harder to scrutinize them.

Roger Freed