Do Republicans Really Want to Win Back the White House?

The GOP field seems designed to purposefully avoid the White House.

I thought Republicans wanted to win back the White House, but now I’m not so sure. After all, they seem to be doing everything they can to help the Democrats keep it.

For one, they seem determined to nominate a sure loser. Despite Donald Trump’s constant “I’m a winner” refrain, it seems pretty certain he’d lose in the general election, as would their other front runner, Ben “Just Jump ’em” Carson.

Trump is an egotistic know-nothing blowhard, and there’s no way he’ll get much more than the tea party vote. Carson is worse, because not only must he be the world’s stupidest surgeon (how the hell did a guy who doesn’t believe in science get through medical school, anyway?), he has zero charisma. In fact, he has a kind of “anti-charisma.” Charisma runs from him like roaches from light. He would put the entire country to sleep in ten minutes in a one-on-one televised debate.

Although Trump would no doubt continue to be quite entertaining – comedians every where are praying he’s the Republican nominee – his short comings are glaringly obvious. In moments of candor, he admits as much. He says he knows how to pick the “right team,” is a “quick learner” and knows the “art of the deal.” Well, he might know a thing or two about how to use bankruptcy laws to cheat business investors out of their money (as well as us taxpayers who bail his companies out), but you can’t use that “skill” in government.

As for learning on the job, experience in government is one place Hillary, and even Bernie Sanders, have a huge advantage. And I wouldn’t trust any team The Donald would put together, any more than I would Donald Duck’s. Trump has already been fawning over Sarah Palin, Carson, Ann Coulter and other far-right loonies. Talk about scary.

Well, if the GOP wants to hand the Democrats the election, I’m all for it – an all-Republican Washington is a terrifying prospect. It might even help bring a wave of Democrats back to the House and Senate. Then perhaps we could actually make some progress on the pressing needs of this country, and of an over-heating world.

James Israel
Social media