To Republicans Who Are Not Rich

To Republicans Who Are Not Rich: A Poem.

Republicans debateRepublicans in the debate
presented just rancor and hate.
No policy goals
to take to the polls,
it’s left just a menacing slate.

Trump’s narcissism is no surprise,
but that’s where the true danger lies.
He has the belief
as Comander-in-chief
the law to him never applies.

Don’t let the GOP use you,
Their rhetoric fool and bemuse you.
Not one millionaire
Is willing to share.
The Party will only abuse you.

They promise that profits will trickle,
but GOP pundits are fickle.
The top one percent
won’t hear your lament
when all you get is a nickel.

So don’t be a GOP pigeon
whatever your race or religion.
Your GOP vote
rich interests promote,
and you get only a smidgen.

Take this lesson from the debate:
on this coming November date,
if at the polls
you vote for these trolls
you’re sealing your own sorry fate.

Diane de Anda
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