The Case for Hillary: A Poem

Diane de Anda, The Case for Hillary: A Poem

The Case for Hillary

I still will vote for Hillary
despite the slams and pillory
for emails that were classified
and all wrong doing she’s denied.

People claim that she and hubby
have become too money grubby,
but she’s the one who has the brain
to make the world more safe and sane,
end Citizen United‘s hold
where government is bought and sold,
and take a stand when there are fights
for civil and for women’s rights.

She knows about foreign affairs,
and now has heard the nation’s cares
that Bernie brought into the light:
the ebbing middle class’s plight,
a greedy Wall Street’s stranglehold
with ill-gained profits uncontrolled,
huge income inequality,
and college that’s tuition free.

But look at the opposing choice,
a moron who gives public voice
to racist rants and chilling threats,
who hides his income gains and debts,
who never served in any corps,
nor worked in government before,
but says he will alone decide–
our nuclear mass suicide.

Though Hillary does have her flaws,
I plan to vote for her because,
compassion, skill, and expertise
still trump an egotistic sleaze.

Diane de Anda
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