Humor Times Anniversary Issue Coming Soon! ‘Yuuge’ Ad & Sub Sale!

Support the political satire magazine that’s taking tRump on, one muckraking wisecrack at a time!

The 26th Anniversary Issue: $5 OFF on Subscriptions, Great Ad Deals!

In these strange times, people are worried, and in desperate need of some comic relief. We are committed to doing our civic duty by providing it! And our most popular issue of the year is coming out soon, the Humor Times April Anniversary Issue!

Humor Times AnniversarytRump and his gang are attacking so many things we Americans hold dear. But we are fighting back — with biting political humor! Help us help you, by advertising in our always-popular Anniversary Issue!

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Our 26th Anniversary Issue is coming up, and would be a perfect place to start! The Anniversary Issue is always our most popular of the year, and we print thousands of extra copies, at no extra cost to advertisers.

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