Blond President Jokes

‘What did the Blond President do to further Democracy in the world?’ and other Blond President jokes!

1. What is fine dining to the Blond President?

Anything on the Value Meal menu at McDonald’s.

blond president jokes2. How does the Blond President find a new wife?

He goes to the Walmart Discount East European Find A Sexy Wife website.

3. What did the Blond President do to further Democracy in the world?
Made pals with almost every dictator in the world.

4. How did the Blond Billionaire President get rid of the new country acquiring nuclear weapons?

He bought it. But still kept the bombs.

5. How did the Blond President find his Cabinet.

By sorting through the sieve that the the Washington Swamp drained through.

6.How many Blond Billionaire Presidents does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Three- one to order the servant to hold the ladder, one to order another servant to climb it and one more to go to the store to get the light bulb that the Blond President forgot to order.

7. Where did the Blond President get his hair styled?

At the wig readjusting salon.

8. Why does the Blond President only have one parachute on Air Force One?

Because he was the only one who was important.

10. How many Billionaire Blond Presidents does it to take to screw in a light bulb Version Two?

Four- One to buy the light bulb company, one to buy the ladder making plant and one to buy the suite that needs a light bulb. And lastly, one fool to actually screw it in.

11. How many Blond President’s does it take to run the country?

Believe me, you don’t want more than one.

12. Zombies attack the Blond President, the Grey-haired President and the Dark-haired President. Which one gets eaten?
The Dark-haired President because he is probably Italian and has the best tasting brains..The Blond President has the worst brains so forget him and the Grey President brains probably taste like cardboard.

13. Why does the Blond Billionaire President always win at Monopoly?

Because at the beginning of play he always buys up the whole board game.

Roger Freed