Steroid Therapy Treatment – A Descent into Madness


Oh sweet bed you mock me from your prominent position at the center of my universe, your covers pulled back ever so slightly, pillows askew, beckoning, beckoning me to come within your folds and partake of your soft luxurious wonderments.

You taunt me with your scent of freshly laundered linens, the coziness you exude only mocks me more as I cannot luxuriate with eyes wide open, I must not even contemplate the fate of lying down without a chance to close my eyes and once again enter into the realm of quiet slumber. It would be futile and futility brings frustration and frustration, oh the longing for a restful nap.

I count the pills in the hideous pack, just five more days till I am back to normalcy, but will I be? I ponder the changes the chemicals have wrought, the inconveniences they have brought to me as I dutifully slipped them over my tongue and let them slide into my system allowing free reign over my body. They do not allow me comfort in the slightest except to do what they were meant, to pull the veil over pain but yet, in doing so they rob me of my post prized possession.

P. Beckert