The Art of the Squeal: a Poem

The Art of the Squeal

Art of the Squeal, donald trump, donkey hotey
Donald Trump, by Donkey Hotey,

What? Quid quo pro?
What don’t you know?
We’ve got all the quid.
You provide the quo.

We offered a big bid.
Don’t you dare say no.
C’mon you’re no kid.
In fact, you’re a pro.

Stash it under a lid.
Now don’t be slow.
Keep it well hid, or . . .
we’ll send you below.

But if you hit the skids,
don’t ask us for a tow.
Receipts? Just get rid!
Got that? OK. Gotta go.

Perfect recall, operator.
Reverse all our charges.

Dennis Rohatyn
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