Theatre of the Absurd: Republican Historical Revisionism

Republican Historical Revisionism, as interpreted in a poem.

The Republicans in Trump’s defense are now performing in their own theatre of the absurd, from bizarre religious references to embarrassing ignorance of historical events. Below are references to some of these performances.

Republican Historical RevisionismThe Unraveling of Bill Barr
He’s Chosen by God said Bill Barr;
Should have his own Bethlehem star.
In his special way
Our Christ of today,
A president without a mar.

What was it that Barr was smoking?
Surely he had to be joking.
Trump chosen by God–
That satanic fraud!
Is this a sign that he’s stroking?

The Inquisition According to Nunez
Who can forget the Nunez bold claim
The Inquisition was much more tame.
“They faced their accuser,”
But then the abuser
Whose job was to murder and maim.

The Salem Witch Trials Revised
They cried that it’s worse than in Salem,
That Democrats just want to nail ‘im
But witnesses lied
And innocents died.
Did knowledge of history fail ’em?

The Passion of President Trump
His legacy would have no smudge
Except for the Democrats’ grudge.
We all are aware
The trial would be fair
If Pilate were only his judge.

Christ’s accusers had less disdain.
You cannot compare each ones pain.
Sore thumbs with each tweet
Versus nails through his feet
That Trump’s the worst victim is plain.

Trump’s Own Defense
Ignore what the whistle blower saw.
My call was without any flaw.
Just get over it
Crime I can’t commit
I’m not subject to the rule of law.

Diane de Anda