Restaurant Chain in North Korea Closes as Food Aid Cancelled

PYONGYANG – A new restaurant chain in North Korea delayed the launch of several new locations after the United States announced it would no longer provide food aid to the country.

North Korea - Kim Jong II
Kim Jong II to Kim Jong I, Do you read me?

Dim Sun Korean Restaurants, Ltd. claims that what was looking to be a very profitable enterprise taking advantage of all the free food that was finally flowing into the country via the United States has come to a grinding halt after N. Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un broke his word and went ahead with a rocket launch.

The restaurant chain’s American marketing director, Larry Herndon, says he was very disappointed to hear of the Supreme Leader’s decision to disregard the pact he made with President Obama, leaving Obama no alternative but to cancel the aid.

“The fast-food industry around the world has reached such a saturation point that our only alternative was to find a place that had never heard of the fast-food concept and try it there. When food aid started pouring into N. Korea, we instantly knew we’d found our market,” said Herndon.

“Were we worried something like this would happen?” asked a dejected Herndon. “Sure we were. But we followed the President’s lead in believing a new day was dawning in North Korea, and the Junior Jong would be a more honorable man,” replied Herndon. He admitted he couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Guess in this case, the missile doesn’t fall far from the launch pad,” he concluded.

P. Beckert