Trials & Tabulations of 2 Cheesy Lab Mice Trying to Save the World!

In cages 6 feet apart, two lab mice in a Coronavirus trial study greet each other for the very 1st time.

Lab Mice

Meet VINNIE Verman & RICKY Rodentitailia, two lab mice in a Coronavirus trial!

VINNIE: Me?  SARS, Swine, Herpes – you?

RICKY: A virgin here.

VINNIE: Oh, you’re in for it – Rectal Probe, the works!

RICKY: Do they put you under?

VINNIE: I tough it out – I get the Treat after!  It’s not so bad – 3 Squares, Evian Water, Free rides on the wheel!

RICKY: I get nauseous easy.

VINNIE: Then you’ll get the treadmill!

RICKY: That too!

VINNIE: Not good, my friend – you should try Meditation.

RICKY: Nah, they ran out of little Mats!

RICKY: Herpes, huh?

VINNIE: I don’t want to talk about it!

RICKY: What did you do – you know, before all this?

VINNIE: Fromage!  Blue Cheese Mold Analyst, you?

RICKY: Dumpster Diver – an ‘Everymouse’!

VINNIE: I don’t mean to pry, but was this Volunteer or Got’cha?

RICKY: Who remembers!  I’m scared…my days are numbered.

VINNIE: You’re not alone – it does help to have Sponsors.

RICKY: You do?

VINNIE: You’ll get them if you go a few rounds…people bet on you to survive – like the Dance Marathons in the old movie, “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They“?

RICKY: Well, that gives me incentive!

VINNIE: Be positive – ever play ‘Russian Roulette’?

RICKY: Do you split 8’s?

VINNIE: No, but you’ll be playing it soon – without a Passport!

RICKY: You got kids?

VINNIE: What are you – the Census?  Sure, I got millions – they don’t write, never call!

RICKY: What’s that white flag doing over there in the corner of your cage?

VINNIE: When I’ve had enough, okay!

RICKY: Hey, don’t get upset – see you tomorrow?

VINNIE: From your lips to Dr. Fauci’s ears!

RICKY: Oh, I forgot – have you tried ‘Chloroquine’ yet?

VINNIE: Are you kidding me – I was the first!

RICKY: Well, well…how do you feel?


VINNIE: Oy, only when it rains!

Lab Mice

Marilyn Sands