Playing the Liar

Note: Please be advised that nothing in this short article has been reviewed by anyone with the expertise to ensure that the information is complete accurate or even remotely funny. Read at your own peril.

People, and when I say people I mean Democrats, are claiming that President Trump has recently been playing golf instead of managing the coronavirus pandemic. They say that he is an ineffectual leader in a time of crisis and that he is indifferent to the suffering on the American people.

Some believe that this is similar to the Roman Emperor Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned in AD 64. But this is historically inaccurate because Nero didn’t play the fiddle while the city burned. The fiddle wasn’t invented until the 10th century. Nero was alleged to have been playing a small harp like instrument called the lyre (pronounced liar) while the fire ravaged Rome.

Now, to say that Trump’s inaction during the current crisis brings to mind Nero playing the lyre while Rome burned makes perfect sense as Trump has been playing the LIAR since the pandemic began. I get it.

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