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Mar 022016
 By , March 2, 2016
Insight on Cartoonists: Michael Capozzola

An interview with Michael Capozzola The old line, “They laughed when I sat down to play the piano,” doesn’t quite fit the work of Michael Capozzola, who wants people to laugh, not when he’s seated, but when he does his work as a stand up [more…]

Feb 122016
 By , February 12, 2016
Insight on Cartoonists: Signe Wilkinson

An interview with editorial cartoonist Signe Wilkinson While Philadelphia is not considered the epitome of the bon vivre, it is nonetheless responsible for some goodies we enjoy today, and not just Philly Steak. After all, the Constitution, Ben Franklin and Freedom of the Press got [more…]

Jan 032016
 By , January 3, 2016
Insight on Cartoonists: Terry Mosher

An interview with Terry Mosher Canada’s lucky not to have been absorbed by the United States. And they’re also fortunate to have so many top-notch editorial cartoonists from whom I’ve managed to extract a treasure of commentary. Now I’ve snared the Dean of them all, [more…]

Dec 092015
 By , December 9, 2015
Insight on Cartoonists: Trina Robbins

An interview with cartoonist Trina Robbins Errol Flynn and Kevin Costner both played Robin Hood (though not at the same time), and Al Jolson sang about the “Red, red Robin” doing its “bob, bob bobbin’along.”  Now it’s time to meet another Robbins (Trina Robbins, that [more…]

Aug 312015
 By , August 31, 2015
Insight on Cartoonists: Brian Gable

An interview with editorial cartoonist Brian Gable When you’re due some money and you’re informed that “the check’s in the mail,” there’s always the possibility that the sender is indulging in a bit of prevarication and wishful thinking. But when you know that Brian Gable’s [more…]

Aug 042015
 By , August 4, 2015
Insight on Cartoonists: Adam Zyglis

An interview with editorial cartoonist Adam Zyglis It is, as the song tells us, a long way to Tipperary, and it’s also a helluva trek to Buffalo in New York, especially in the winter, but well worth it when one gets to see and enjoy [more…]

Jul 102015
 By , July 10, 2015
Insight on Cartoonists: Stan Mack

An interview with Stan Mack “You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy Levy’s Rye Bread,” was a very successful ad in New York City some years back. And the same holds true for Stan Mack’s remarkable accounting of, as he puts it, The Story [more…]

May 182015
 By , May 18, 2015
Insight on Cartoonists: Bob Englehart

An interview with cartoonist Bob Englehart It isn’t often (well, it never happened before) that one of my Letters to the Editor is on the same page as the work of an artist I wanted to interview. But it happened at last. I’m referring to [more…]

Feb 132015
 By , February 13, 2015
Insight on Cartoonists: Barry Hunau

An interview with Barry Hunau, editorial cartoonist When I get “hate mail,” it’s invariably from my long-suffering wife objecting, once again, to the clutter of things with which I fill my day and the house. But when the inordinately gifted editorial cartoonist, Barry Hunau, whose [more…]

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