Why Palin Would Have Been a Better VP Choice Than Dick Cheney

Ex-Minister of Vice, Dick Cheney, has come out (no, not out of the closet — don’t we wish!) and said that Sarah Palin was a poor choice for Vice President. Well son of a gun! It’s the pot calling the kettle black!

Let’s take a look at why Palin WOULD  have been a better vice President than Cheney ever was:

Palin actually did things for the people of Alaska. She didn’t just come in and push people around and rob the cookie jar while she was governor of Alaska.

Palin would not have manipulated McCain from behind the scenes like Cheney did with Baby Bush.

Palin would have had the decency not to loot the US Treasury to support companies that she had stock in. Especially ones that fueled a war to take over a major oil producing country.

Palin actually was a real maverick until the GOP image makers glossed her up and taught her to toe a strict right wing line. Cheney was always a toady who kept his head low until he amassed enough experience, knowledge and power to become the paper bulldog that he projects he is.

Palin actually has some class. Meanwhile Cheney tells a journalist who questions him “F___ you!”

Palin has charm. Cheney has all the luster of a brick.

Palin did have the guts and insight to break tradition. She had her inauguration in Fairbanks instead of Juneau to stimulate the process of moving the Capital of Alaska from Juneau to the mainland. Cheney would shove tradition down the American people’s throats because it is easier to control people who conform to established ways.

Palin would not have pushed the U.S. towards a new form of dictatorship like Cheney did.

Palin would not have bullied her way around to get what she wants.

If Palin had been drafted she would have gone and not dodged the draft FIVE times like Cheney did.

Palin is much prettier than Cheney.

Roger Freed