Yet More CEO Jokes (Why Are They Such A Constant Source Of Inspiration?)

CEO Jokes 3 — Why do they seem to be an endless source of material?

There is nothing quite as satisfying as some good ol’ CEO jokes. Why? Who knows? Just enjoy.

What is the difference between a CEO and a vulture?

Vultures fly and at least have the decency to wait until you die to eat you.

Why is it not a good idea to raise your kid to be a CEO?

He might get sidetracked into similar work like robbing kids for lunch money or laundering money for a drug cartel.

Historically, how many CEO’s does it take to make a company?

Five. One to create it, one to build it up, one to act like he knows what he is doing while he is running it, one to fake the value of it while the company starts its downslide and one to make out with as much loot as possible while it disintegrates and goes into bankruptcy.

Why do Mafia Dons make lousy CEO’s?

They aren’t ruthless enough.

If you are ever in a lifeboat with three other people and one of them is a CEO and there is only enough food for three people, who do you through out?

Anyone but the CEO. Water is a natural element for sharks and it only makes them more aggressive.

Why do you never let a CEO hold your baby?

First off, there is a big trade in kidneys, then people are paying big money for adopting infants, lastly he might be hungry.

Roger Freed