NRA Suggestion to Weed Out Crazies Has Unexpected Results

The US government has decided to do what the NRA says and instead of not letting people buy a lot of guns and bullets that they would try to find the crazy people and just stop them from getting them. As anyone knows, guns and bullets are just innocent formed pieces of metal that, of their own accord, would never want to hurt an ant. No. It is when bad people or crazy people get a hold of them and do bad things.

This makes sense.

At one time laws were made against the bad people. Some worked, some didn’t.

Now, too many crazy people have done bad things with big guns. Guns that have a lot of power and are quick. And shoot a LOT of bullets. Bullets that rip a bigger hole coming out of a person than going in. Bullets that shatter inside the skin ripping up everything the shards tear through.

Now, again, the bullets are sweet, innocent things. So are the guns. They do not have minds. They just do whatever the hands that pick them up want them to.

So, we just have to go after the crazy people and make sure that they do not get their insane fingers on a gun, no matter how sweet and innocent.

So, the government went along with the path the obsessive gun owners wanted and had everyone checked out for nutsiness. It cost the government a lot of money. The NRA was happy because they got to keep their guns and the government, ie.- the people, had to pay for it.

Fortunately, the study was very successful. A lot of crazy people were found and their hands spanked if they tried to buy a gun. As long as it was from a store and not from a trade show. Crazy people are still allowed to buy guns from a trade show. That sounds crazy; maybe that is why it is allowed.

Unfortunately, the study also wiped out 70 % of the NRA members. They proved to be nutso themselves. A lot of paranoid, delusional types especially. Also a lot of ego centric, self deluded types with visions of self glory. Also a disproportionate amount of conspiracy theorists. They must like it in the NRA because they can find a lot of people to identify with. And to get together and build a fort with.

They are no longer allowed to have guns though. They are really mad. Some of them started shooting. Which doesn’t make themselves or even their guns or bullets look very innocent. It doesn’t make them look like the good guys either. The people shot especially don’t like them anymore.

Unfortunately too, this gutted the NRA. They lost all their big gun company sponsors. They are now having to sell cookies on the sidewalk to make enough money. Which is illegal. But they are lobbying against this.

Roger Freed