Life …

What is life?

Life – An annoying thing that happens when you wake up in the morning.

lifeLife – The commitment you don’t remember having agreed to.

Life – 16 hours you have to live through before you can go back to bed again.

Life – A pain in the ass that doesn’t limit itself to just that area.

Life – A journey on a sea of unknown depths.

Life – Two third of a day that it takes one third of a night to recover from.

Life – A scream just waiting to happen.

Life – God’s way of getting even with us.

Life – The thing they don’t teach us about in school. Or warn us about.

Life – A bad dream that doesn’t stop when you wake up.

Life – That solid sock in the gut that lets you know you are alive.

Life – A swim in an ocean of limited visibility.

Life – A running race that apparently has no rules or borders but a very definite finish line.

Life – A screaming headache that begins when you wake up and doesn’t shut up until you finally fall asleep.

Life – A waking nightmare until sleep comes to claim you again.

Life – Like being born again every morning only messier.

Life – Like the movie Groundhog Day only you don’t need 3-D glasses to make it more realistic.

Life – Who says Hell comes AFTER you die?

Life – The one thing even the best drugs or booze can’t blot out.

Life – Like those dreams where you fall off a cliff and don’t hit bottom except you do.

Roger Freed