Donald Trump: The Joke Could Be on Us

Republicans complain that Obama ‘acts like a king,’ yet want to elect Donald Trump, the wannabe dictator.

For all their complaining about Obama “acting like a king,” Republicans are now supporting the most openly authoritarian candidate since George Wallace in Donald “I’m Great, You’re All Losers” Trump. If elected, God forbid, he’d probably rule to the right of Mussolini – if congress let him, and knowing the present makeup of that corrupt bought-and-paid-for body, they probably would.

It’s easy to see why people are frustrated and looking for a strong leader who they hope can change things. The irony is, the present economic situation is largely due to the very class Donald Trump comes from, the “billionaire class,” as Bernie Sanders puts it. And you can bet that, just like the rest of the Republican candidates, he would work tirelessly for his kind, not for the little guy.

It is the billionaires who, through their banks and Wall Street trading companies, brought on the recent crash, and then proceeded to profit from the chaos. Since then, nearly all (in stead of just most) of the economic gains have gone to the very top, none to the middle class or lower. So much for “trickle down.”

And Trump gives the feeble-minded some one to blame, some one to vent their anger on, even though it’s the wrong target: minorities. It’s easy to direct the anger of ignorant people who know no better. Their tunnel vision is maintained by the sources of information they choose – Fox “news,” professional haters on the radio and right-wing websites. They are warned not to trust other sources of information, so, like good little sheep, they don’t.

Sensible people who see through the likes of Donald Trump can laugh at the gullibility of his supporters, sup posing that there is no way he could win in a general election. However, I wouldn’t be so sure. Money talks, and now that it has been given free reign in elections by the righties on the Supreme Court, it shouts – so loud it can drown everything else out.

Especially in a tough economic climate, people can be persuaded by the hypnotic drone of the media. It’s up to those of us who stay awake to make sure we don’t elect a wannabee king.

James Israel
Social media