Drinking Beer and Eating Squirrel: What I Learned from Magazines This Week

Reading magazines this week, I learned that:

A British survey has concluded that consuming organic foods can extend your life… for three weeks.
(Popular Mechanics, 3/16)

The average caretaker in the United States is a 49-year-old woman caring for a 69-year-old relative. (Real Simple, 2/16)

Vivos, an apocalypse shelter company, has built dozens of secure doomsday shelters all over the world, including a 76 acre bunker somewhere under Europe. Owner Robert Vicino sees himself as a 21st century Noah.
(Popular Mechanics, 3/16)

Eating squirrel isn’t unusual in Pennsylvania.
(Philadelphia Magazine, 2/16)

Iggy Pop has covered Frank Sinatra.
(Time, 3/16)

Eighty-eight percent of adults have sent or received a sexually explicit text message.
(Health, 1/16)

Outdoor cats kill over a billion birds each year.
(Organic Life, 01/16)

When sound researcher R. Murray Schafer asked North Americans to hum a note, they produced a B-natural, which is the same pitch as the electric current in their wires. In the U.K. people hummed a G-sharp — the frequency of their electric current.
(Organic Life, 1/16)

Ten percent of home schooled kids are black. Why? Parents are fed up with a system they see as broken and racist.
(Philadelphia, 2/16)

Sleeping on your side is better than sleeping on your back or stomach for eliminating brain waste — chemicals that can build up over time, potentially causing cognitive health problems like Alzheimer’s.
(Health, 1/16)

Women who drink beer once or twice a week have a 30% lower risk of heart attack.
(Prevention, 2/16)

Roz Warren is the author of OUR BODIES, OUR SHELVES; LIBRARY HUMOR.

Roz Warren