You Say the Practical Bernie Sanders Let You Down? You Let the Movement Down.

If you won’t support Bernie Sanders now, you never really got him in the first place.

Bernie Sanders is, and has always been, a true progressive. He’s ALSO a very practical and smart political strategist, and knows the way forward.

You say he let you down. You’re letting him, and the movement down, by being so, frankly, immature about it all. You think your rebel image will be tarnished if you go the practical route and support Clinton over Trump? Fuck that, let’s save the country from certain ruin first, then we can get back to work, and continue progress on the left.

Bernie Sanders on Hillary ClintonThat’s planting the progressive flag and holding the territory we’ve gained. We can proceed from there. Otherwise, we lose it all, in a disastrous setback. Don’t believe me? Two words: Supreme Court.

Yeah, I know, you’ve heard the argument before and managed to generalize it away in your mind. But sorry, there’s no getting around this. It’s “HUUUGE.” With Trump, say goodbye to passing any good laws for 30-40 years at least, because that’s how long the new Supreme Court, with its lifetime appointments, will stay pat.

At least with Hillary, we can have a Supreme Court that won’t just turn around and strike down anything good we might manage to get passed now, and for the next few decades. That’s a long time. You can’t ignore it.

And I know they always say, this is the most important election ever. Unfortunately, at this moment in time, it’s kind of true. At least in the fact that if the White House goes to the psychopathic orange fascist demagogue, we’re all completely screwed.

Sorry, but Hillary Clinton is the only thing that now PRACTICALLY stands between us and Armageddon.

I know, a lot of you are going to say, it makes no difference, “Clinton is part of a fascist corporate takeover anyway” — but that’s just giving up, in my opinion. That’s saying, it’s all over, there’s no hope, may as well let the bloviating lunatic narcissist take over our government and destroy our nation for our kids and grand kids.

It’s also false equivalence. One person is capable and smart, whatever you think of her politics, the other knows nothing, yet thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. That’s a fucking dangerous guy to let have the nuke codes.

Meanwhile, after the election, Bernie Sanders will continue to work for everything he espoused in his rousing campaign speeches. He will hold Hillary’s feet to the fire. He will lead all of us who want to keep his political revolution going in the same strong direction, helping progressives get elected all over the country — something the left has failed to do — yet is extremely important, as the ever-increasing Republican control of statehouses and town halls across our nation attests.

So, keep shouting that Hillary is evil, if you must. Go ahead, help the psychopath get elected. But I hope that most people on the left are practical enough to know what it is we must do, whether “holding your nose,” or not.

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