[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

The Donald on How He Trumped Hillary

Overheard in the spin room after the debate, as Donald Trump spoke to reporters…

I just debated all over her, about the economy, I was very strong in saying that it needs to be good. We have to do things that make money, and less things that lose money — it’s not even, does she even know? Hillary shot the sheriff. And he was white.

donald trump spin room debateI still haven’t thought much about NATO, because with all those letters, who would — Rosie O’Donnell? It worked out great when Germany, Italy, and Japan weren’t in a treaty with us, and spent THEIR OWN MONEY to build up their defenses.

Yes, I’m sniffling. But not because I ever get sick. I don’t. I have the most pro-body antibodies anywhere, believe me. I sniff because you can’t get good blow anymore, because of ISIS. Plus I never always, watch me now — you will notice, China has one of the most — seriously, the most even before you start counting how many babies they want — who cares? THEY have a wall. I just read a study that said, ‘World War II — Nuh-uh!’

So, if we’re ever going to stop being the worst country with the worst economy and the worst military and my Palm Beach boutique can’t even get the stupid contractors to stop having lunch once a day, then go figure.

America has such a boner for me — the hair, my nunchuck skills, my hot daughter and the other one, my new blue tie, Don King, the third season of ‘The Apprentice,’ and one hotel I own that hasn’t been recently picketed for racial, gender, and age discrimination, which I’m so proud of it pains me to tell you, but not as much as the thing I COULD say about Hillary right now, but I’m too classy to say that she has murdered baby elephants with her own hands, and talk about small hands — they’re like micro-baby hands.

Three words. Law and Order. Plus three initials — SVU. Wrong! Never said that. Never said that I never said that. Eurasia is our ally, and Eastasia is our enemy.

I have a big plane that goes really fast. Secretary Clinton — 30 years in this town and she can’t get a job outside the secretarial pool? Try some leg, toots. Satan is only half-Mexican, and half Obama’s parents, and half calf. I am all-powerful — do not look at me. Seriously. I will nuke the crap out of you.

When’s dinner? I need KFC pronto. If I don’t get some biscuits in like three seconds, I’m going to fire my campaign manager. Who was Nixon’s guy?

I like the way Putin smells. He’s doing great in Ukraine, just like he did in Chechnya. Fantastic leader. He should invade us, he’s so good.

I can’t stop moving my face and hands — this podium is rigged! I have temperament coming out my ass, there’s so much. It’s like a mellow personality geyser down here! OK, maybe Law, but not Order — I’m a nice guy.

Future Chairapprentice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Omarosa might have a little something to say about diversity, and the living hell-hole that all black people live in in America. And it will not be fun, I will tell you what. She’s pissed.

Look, there is no proof — none — anywhere — that I ever said Eurasia is our ally, and Eastasia is our enemy. They aren’t, but Rudy Giuliani told me I clearly have always said they probably might not be. I am so past my bedtime — gotta get back to the crypt before the angry sun.



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