Today in PolyTicTacs

Some fun with election year politics

By FunnyJane

politics, trump, clintonLatest Trump slogans:

“Make America Hate Again” — “Make America Grate Again” — “Make America Gain Weight Again” — “Make America Wait Again” — and if you pronounce this last one like an Australian, you’ll get his real message.

Another Trump slogan: “Who better to stop crooked Hillary than the upstanding, ever erect Donald Trump!”

Hillary — the first fe-mail phenomenon.

We’ve gone from Obama care to Oh bummer care.

Obama’s slogan was “Yes We Can,” Trump’s is “Oh Yes, I Can – Reach Below Your Can-can!”

Trump’s long arm of the law — ventures where no hand has ever gone before.

Word Progress (what happens when Donald meets a 10): Trump → rump → hump → bump.

What do you call a fake painted picture/illusion of reality: Trump Low El (trompe l’oeil).

Words with new meaning in a Trump Presidency: Debriefing.

Definition of Recession: From 6 pence to tuppence to Mike Pence.

Sing a song of Mike Pence, pocket full of lies:

Four and twenty blacks were staged then wished goodbye.
Before his pageants open, the turd began to sting;
Looking for some dainty dish, they’d set before this king!
The king was in his counting house, counting out his money;
While folks who worked for him, weren’t eating bread and honey.
His queen was sitting pretty, in the family way,
While he was out inspecting nudes, and boy, did he make hay!

To the tune of Hosanna from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Jesus Christ Superstar:

Hill’s mob: Oh-Bama, aye-bama, bama-bama oh-bama, aye-bama, oh-bama.
Aey Obama must, help campaign with us, bama, oh-bama, aye Superstar!

Trump: Tell those scoundrels to be quiet, we are trying to raise a riot
I hate this crowd, he’s black and proud!
Tell these fools who’re getting higher, that she’s crooked, she’s a liar
They won’t disperse, it’s getting worse!

Hill’s mob: Oh-Bama, aye-bama, bama-bama oh-bama, aye-bama, oh-bama.
O the USA’s doing A OK, bama, oh-bama, aye Superstar!

Obama: Why are you uptight, coz you’ve lost the fight? what a sorry sight!
Nothing can be done to save your campaign.
For every dollar that you spend from now will be in vain, coz you are so insane;
We’ve brought champagne…

Hill’s mob: Oh-Bama, aye-bama, bama-bama oh-bama, aye-bama, oh-bama.
Aey Obama please, he has allergies to your stardom aye-Obama Superstar!

Obama: Fight for your rights, but not for yours alone!
Fight for all the poor and all the wretched
For every one of you has inside you a fire, and a desire
to change the world!

Hill’s mob: Oh-Bama, aye-bama, bama-bama oh-bama, aye-bama, oh-bama.
Aey Obama dear, it is him we fear, bama, oh-bama, aye Superstar!

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